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Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Wanna Be My Dog

I have said many times that I would like to be more like my dog. I'm sure you are thinking about the seemingly obvious reasons. Life of leisure, pampering, etc., but for me it goes deeper than that. 

Yes, some of my reasons would be frivolous. Like the lilies of the field, she toils not, nor does she spin. But she is still a thing of beauty. Who wouldn't want, for just a day or two, to be so cute that you even look good with bed-head? This little dog looks good with long hair or short, tangled tresses or combed-out. And her hair and skin are so silky soft...and she's still really smart! It's just so unfair!

It would also be great to sample what the two-legs are eating (within reason and always with regard to one's tummy health), have my own foods and treats, and still be thin, fit, and built like a brick whatever. She could eat all day and still be thin. In that respect, this dog does NOT take after her human! And the naps! Need I say more than just The Naps?

While these things sound lovely and fun and so forth, these are not the things that I really want. What I really admire is her approach to life. Barring feeling unwell, she wakes up every day with the doggie equivalent of a smile on her face. After her morning stretch and lovey time with Mommy and Daddy ("Hi! It's been so long! How are you? Wanna eat?"), she is ready to face the day with a sense of joy and adventure.

She sets forth, head and tail held high, carrying herself with the ease of someone who feels good in her own skin. She knows who she is and accepts herself as she is. She brings one of her many toys (all of whom have names which she knows) for us to throw, and when we do, she will leap off the sofa or bed with reckless abandon. So what if she is twelve and a half years old? She doesn't worry about getting an owie. She's had them before, and still kept going.

She is able to appreciate small things. A toilet paper tube gives her a chance to show her inner wolf as she tears it apart, flinging the pieces aside. And grocery bags...she has created tactics to get into and examine the contents of any type of bag. And pull out those things which she assumes are hers!

When we get dressed to leave, she becomes subdued and a bit sad. When we come home, we are given a hero's welcome. When we make "happy sounds" (that's laughter to you humans), she prances and squeals with delight. If we are sick, she will lay quietly beside us, and if we cry, she tries to dry our tears. And when she needs rest, she takes it. I envy her ability to decide to sleep, and then just do it. 

Without being worried about the things that keep our minds occupied day and night, she lives her life in the moment. She goes full-tilt and enjoys herself. When she decides to do something, she really commits to it. She doesn't worry about whether she's pretty enough or if she'll look like a klutz. She just goes for it, and gives it 100%. I wish I could be more like her. In many ways, I want to be like my dog.