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Friday, May 4, 2012

Parking Lot Magic

I wonder if you have had the same experience as me. I call it Parking Lot Magic. It happens like this:

It is a beautiful day, and as you drive into the grocery store parking lot, you hope that you will be able to find a decent spot. You know, no big puddles right outside your car door, no potholes to send your groceries flying out of your get the picture. You hit the jackpot and find a space about 15 steps from the front of the store. NOT in handicapped parking, because even if you were dying of starvation you would never steal a spot in handicapped parking! Let's be honest, though. If you were dying of starvation, you wouldn't be looking for parking at the supermarket. You'd be using the drive-in at Taco Bell, which is located across the lot for your eating (and lifesaving) convenience.

So you get out of your car, which is parked oh-so-close to the store, grab your reusable shopping bags, and step into the world of wonder. What you don't know is that while you are filling your cart with wholesome, nutritious foods that you will lovingly turn into home made meals...oops, sorry, just fell off the computer chair laughing at that one. As I was saying, while you're in the store, an evil plot is being hatched. While you're deciding which flavor of ice cream to buy, some invisible meanies have moved the parking lot like a giant shuffling a deck of cards.

You pay for your groceries, happy knowing that your car is so close. But you step out of the store and your car is...where? You know you only took 15 steps to get in here, but you think you see a glint of your car's color about a block and a half away. You try to remotely honk your horn so your car can tell you where it's parked, but it's out of range. Yes, you are a victim of Parking Lot Magic. This is why I recommend taking binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens to the grocery store each and every time. When you get to your car, sweaty and tired, you promise yourself that next time you will park closer, darn it!!! But be prepared;  you may fall victim to Parking Lot Magic...