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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Cows Got Out

I am going to tell you , right at the beginning, that I have an appointment to get my eyes checked in a couple of weeks.

A couple of months ago, I did a face-plant in some decorative rock. In addition to a bloody nose, several cuts and scrapes, and some insanely bruised knees, I managed to break my glasses. Luckily for me I still had some glasses from a few years back. Okay, several years back. In my usual fashion, I have kept telling myself that I'll make an appointment next week, but as we all know, next week never really comes. I've had some moments of frustration, like not being able to see the t.v. very well, or Trent asking me where a license plate is from, and I can't see the darn thing. (No, I have not been driving, so you're all safe!)

Tonight we were taken out to dinner at The Olive Garden by our dear friends. What a lovely dinner we had, and crazy-good desserts! As our friends drove us home, we went by a local dairy that has cows, horses, and llamas grazing in the fields. I always have to look because I really do love animals, and I always hope to get a glimpse of the llamas. As we zipped past, I saw something that looked really dangerous. A black cow and calf were on the outside of the fence! I couldn't bear the thought of them being in danger, and my friend knew it. He asked if I wanted him to go back so we could check on the situation, and of course I did. When we turned down the street in question, I had to burst into laughter at myself. There were some critters outside the fence, all right. Two humans wearing black shirts and walking their black dog! 

We only lost about a minute of our time, and the belly laugh was worth it. Good thing for us they were humans and dogs, which are so much easier to herd than cows! And it's a good thing for them that we didn't have to rescue them, because I might have headed for the cows instead. And we will have something to laugh about on those days we all love, when we get together and start telling stories about each other. I'm glad I am able to laugh at myself during these kinds of moments. I am also glad to be getting new glasses soon. But most of all, at least for this evening, I am glad we were there to help when the cows got out.