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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I've Gone Viral

Yeah, I wish! It would make all my bloggy dreams come true if that happened! Would this be a good moment to ask my readers to share my blog with others? Since the subject has arisen, may I simply say that if you get some enjoyment reading these ramblings, your friends might as well. You never know.

No, my blog hasn't gone viral. I have not achieved the blogger equivalent of Gangnam Style, and am not sure that I want to. What goes up rapidly in popularity often goes the other direction at an equally dizzying speed. When I said I had gone viral, I meant my body. Isn't it amazing what something so tiny can do? Of the last forty-eight hours, I have been been conscious for less than twelve.

The scattered bits of awake time go something like this: try to figure out what time and day it is. Apologize to spouse for becoming one of the living dead. Hack, wheeze, snort, cough, and make other similarly disgusting noises. Get a little bite of something to eat. Realize how exhausted you are and go back to sleep. After having been sick for four or five days, try to blog coherently from your tablet while keeping warm under the bedcovers. Hope that your readers don't think you have deserted them. Hope that they don't desert you. Wonder if you are being coherent or if it is the fever talking. Give up after saying you will be back later. Keep well, my friends!