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Friday, November 23, 2012


When Trent and I were dating, I suggested that we take his father out to dinner so that we could get acquainted. Sadly, Trent's mother had passed a number of years before, in case you wondered why it was only Dad. I asked Trent to make arrangements with his dad for our evening out. "Tell him that we will take him anywhere he wants to go."

The evening of the dinner arrived, and where did his dad want to go? Long John Silver's. I guess he really wanted to have some fish. He was diabetic and on dialysis, so he didn't get to eat food like that very often. I think Trent was worried that I wouldn't want to go to such a humble place, but it didn't bother me. If we could make a sweet old man happy by feeding him some fish, then it was fine with me.

When we got out to the car, I insisted that Dad should ride in the front seat. I lived with my Grandma for all those years, and I knew that getting in and out of vehicles can be difficult. Dad also had a little oxygen tank, so it just made sense for him to be up front. When we got settled in the car, Trent asked his father if he wouldn't prefer to go somewhere else to eat. His dad didn't seem too eager to go to a different place, so we carried on with the original plan.

While we were on the way, I remarked, "I am so lucky to be going out to dinner tonight with two nice gentlemen!"

Dad answered, "I LIKE you, you're sweet!"

To which I said, "Yeah, sweet like lemonade!"

Dad's quick response? "I LIKE lemonade!"

That was all it took. From then on we loved each other. In fact, Trent could tell or ask his dad something a dozen times and get no reponse. I'd say it once, and he'd say "yes, ma'am." Trent's dad advised him, privately, to marry me in a hurry before someone else caught me. When I found out about that, I thought it was just precious.

Once I asked him, "Dad, do you think your wife would have liked me?"

Without stopping to think for even a moment, he bellowed, "NO! She wouldn't like you, she'd LOVE you!" Maybe someday I will find out that she likes lemonade, too!