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Friday, November 30, 2012

Smart Phones, Stupid People?

I do not have a smart phone, but I don't have anything against them. Trent has a smart phone and really enjoys using it. I prefer using a phone of average intelligence and a tablet. I know that some of you are probably thinking,  "Well, that's just silly, Katrina! Why carry two things when you could do it all with one?"

It's true, I could theoretically do it all on a phone. I could write my blog on a phone. If I had fingers the size of an infant's. And where there are teeny-tiny keyboards, there are also teeny-tiny screens. Which could turn me into a squinting, cranky, eye-fatigued blogger in spite of my bifocals.

Oh, I am sure that shopping would be a real treat as well. I would click on the more info link for a pair of shoes and end up ordering some Hello Kitty nail polish. Nothing screams age-denial like a woman who combines bifocals and Hello Kitty.

What really bothers me about smart phones is some of the people I have seen using them lately. Trent and I treated ourselves to lunch in a restaurant today. A couple came in, sat down, and proceeded to ignore each other by both pulling out their phones. We both thought, why bother? They were occupying spots close to one another, but they were essentially miles apart. It made me think of one of my favorite movie lines from It's A Wonderful Life, "Youth is wasted on the wrong people!" They could have been holding hands and saying sweet things to each other and drowning in the deep pools of each others' eyes. Okay, well, that was kind of revoltingly sweet, but you get the picture.

We are increasingly seeing people who are driving full-speed and never looking at the road. We've done a lot of running around the last few days, and every time we have been on the road we have had people drifting from lane to lane. There's nothing like being in a little car and seeing a Ford F250 casually cruising toward your easily-crushed body. Then you notice that the driver is looking at the gps on their phone as they drift over to terrify the person driving on their other side.

I know that my readers are not the kinds of people I have just mentioned. Smart phones or not, they are smart people. Just keep your eyes open for the dangerous team of smart phones and stupid people. Yikes.