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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Canines and Cookies and Cars, Oh My!

Before Trent and I got marriedI told him that if we should happen to be blessed with children, we would still be Trent and Katrina. Just because we had kids wouldn't mean we didn't have first names anymore. Not that we would have our kids calling us by our first names; I just meant that we would not be changing our names to Mom and Dad. Trent thought that was a pretty cool idea. Well, we didn't have any kids, but we have a crazy little poodle named Paris. And no, she is not named after Paris Hilton! And what does Paris know us as? Mommy and Daddy. Go figure.

As long as I have known Trent, he has this funny habit of making up nonsensical words, usually when trying to get his point across to the dog. It could be something along the lines of, "Paris! Kush kush aka lunu!" Just like with babies, it's about the tone rather than the words. One day she was really irritating her Daddy, who said, "Paris, quit being a doorknob!" This struck me as hysterically funny, and I not only laughed till I cried, I laughed until I couldn't breathe or speak any more. Poor Trent! Here he was, mad at the dog, and I was going into hysterics. When he asked what was so funny, I gasped, "You called her a dooooorknob!" It took a while for me to convince him that I wasn't mocking him, it just struck me as really funny.

We were watching tv one day and there was a commercial for Pepperidge Farm Mini Milano cookies. I love Milano cookies. I asked Trent, "Didn't we buy you a package of those Mini Milanos?" "Yup," he said. "Do we have any left?" Again he answered, "Yup." "Well, can I have some?" "Nope," he said, very matter-of-fact in tone. "Those are specialboy cookies. Only specialboys can eat them." It is very hard to eat cookies of any type when you are laughing that hard. I can't tell you to this day whether I ever got my hands on those specialboy cookies or not, but it was a delicious moment anyway.

And as we grow older, I have not lost the ability to be amused by my dear husband. We were watching a promotional spot for a tv show called Lizard Lick towing recently. This show has been on for a goodish while, and I had heard the name dozens of times, but for some reason, on this particular day, it just seemed so odd to me. "What a weird name that is. Lizard Lick." "Well, it's named after where they are. There's a Lizard Lick town." I don't know if it was the deadpan delivery or the words themselves, but again I had a great cardiac workout without ever getting out of my chair.

I consider myself fortunate to be married to someone that can still make me laugh after all of this time. He may shake his head and look at me like I've lost my marbles, but I know he loves me, and he knows I love him too. He tries to act like I irritate him by laughing at some of the things he says, but I know he likes my ability to find so much humor in such small things. So whether it's canines, cookies, or cars being towed, you never know when the laughter will erupt. But with the three of us, it's inevitable.