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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Some Things I Learned Today

Wow. I learned some things today. Naturally I want to share them with you.

Even if you screw them up, brownies will still taste really good. Trent asked if I would bake up some brownies from a mix and of course I said yes. Thinking that there is no such thing as overdoing it, I decided to improve on the mix. Trent wanted nuts, so I added some. I thought, wow, chocolate chips would be fabulosity in these bad boys, so I added those as well. The brownies baked and came out of the oven looking gorgeous. When they were cool and Trent was napping, I went into the kitchen to test the brownies. This is very self-sacrificing on my part, I think, to make sure that they are truly brownies and not poison. Well, those luscious chocolate chips made for a brownie crust filled with a delicious brownie sauce. Hideous, but delicious. And there's a lot of fun in feeling like you are being naughty by eating them with a fork or spoon directly out of the pan.

We have really good and true friends. A good and true friend will cheerfully pick you and your husband up at 6:15 in the morning and drive you across town for a post-surgery appointment with the docs. And bring something to keep her busy as the hours go by, and still be cheerful when it takes a few hours after you get there for everyone to be done with you. And then offer to do it again in two more days.

Miracles can, and do, happen every day. The day before Trent was released from the hospital, all of his post-transplant medications were ordered. Because of an oddity in the computer system, they ended up going to the mail-order pharmacy. We got enough of the most important medicine at the hospital to tide us over for a week or so. Well, on Monday I found out that one of the items coming from mail order would cost way more than we could afford. So I got on the phone and asked them to cancel the order for that medication, telling the very nice person I spoke with that we had a choice; get the meds or get groceries. She cancelled the order, and I was relieved. Until this morning, when I saw that the medicine was on the way. Zounds! Again, I was on the phone. The company checked into the situation, and here's where the miracle happened. The pharmacist who followed up on this said that it was their fault and we did not have to pay. Then she asked if Trent could use the medicine, which he can. She told me that she would have to throw it away if it came back, and told me that she would reverse the charge and we could keep the medicine! I was stunned, and happily so. I guess being honest does bring good karma sometimes! :)

It feels good to share good news. Enough said there, I think.