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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How I Became the Lunatic

Since I have begun this blog, I have been asked, "Why a lunatic?" So I thought I would take this time to tell you.

I have long been known as a person who has very strong opinions. When I was still in High School, for example, one of my Aunts came over to have dinner with Gram and me. Gram had made something that evening that I particularly loved. I can't tell you what was served that night, but I ate it with gusto. And had more. My Aunt chuckled and said, "That's something I really like about you. When you like something, you REALLY like it!"

My whole life, I have been this way. I don't mean that I absolutely love or absolutely hate everything. Having such strong convictions about every little detail of life would be exhausting! Although I have a very strong hate of canned spinach. Maybe some day I will enlighten you on that one. And a love of popcorn, sunflower seeds, paprika, and onions that borders on obsessive. From what I have learned from my Hungarian relatives, this seems to be a Hungarian trait. Okay, now I am worried that I have made a statement that is not politically correct. I do not think all Hungarians are wildly opinionated or even very strong in their opinions. I also consider myself an American of Hungarian descent. So hush up, you.

Trent can tell you that when we observe odd (or even normal) things, I might, like any other person, have something to say about it. And when it is something that just makes me shake my head in wonder or disbelief, I will say, "Here I go again, raving like a lunatic." One day, I said that maybe I should write a blog and call it Ravings of a Lunatic. Not an old-timey, foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic like Renfield in Bram Stoker's Dracula, but more like an unusual person who may one day have something profound to say. If that day should ever arrive, you, dear readers, will be able to say you read my stuff before I was famous. Bwaaah hahahaha! Sorry, I almost fell out of my chair again on that one.

Seriously, I have often thought that I couldn't possibly be the only one who feels certain ways about certain things. Sometimes reading another person's thoughts about various subjects can reflect your own opinion, or even give you a look at the other side of a subject. And that is how and why I became The Lunatic.