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Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Snow White Impairment

My Gram and I used to share a Snow White impairment. Whenever the subject came up, we could never name all seven of the diamond-mine-working dwarfs. We'd go through our list of names, counting them on our fingers, and always coming up with six. Some of my younger readers may be thinking, "Well, why didn't you just get online and Google it? Or just look it up on IMDB?" Well, my dears, we didn't have a computer. Most people didn't in those days. And IMDB, one of my favorite websites, had not yet even been dreamt of. It became quite a running joke between us. We'd keep trying and trying, and finally I would say, "I know who number seven is, Gram! Rudolph!" Then we would get a bad case of the giggles, and I'd make some popcorn before watching the movie to find out that it was Bashful whom we were forgetting.

I think it is fun to find out who people choose as their favorite of Snow White's dear friends, and why. I actually have two favorites. I have always loved Dopey and Grumpy. How could you not love Dopey? He is a sweet, simple soul. His love is pure and unconditional. He may not be the brightest of the bunch, but his devotion is true. Sweet little Dopey with the big ears. He is just so easy to adore. My other favorite is Grumpy. This may surprise you after how I have gone on about Dopey. I think he puts on a gruff exterior to hide what a big marshmallow he is. When the dwarfs think that they have lost Snow White forever, no one is more crushed than Grumpy. Unless perhaps it is Dopey, of course. He tries to act like Snow White irritates him with all of her rules, but he would gladly do whatever she asked him to do.

I think another big reason that I love these two is that they are different from the rest of the group. Dopey is the underdog. I want to protect him from harm. I don't want to see him get left behind. And I want to bake Grumpy a big batch of cookies so he can tell me how awful they are as he slips half a dozen into his pockets to eat later. The big old softy will probably share them with Dopey, who forgot to bring any cookies of his own to work that day.

Even though I have my favorites, I think all the dwarfs are great men. They take in an orphaned girl even though they know she has an Evil Queen after her. They are willing to risk their home and their lives to protect someone who has found herself in a terrible situation through no fault of her own. Pretty amazing stuff if you think about it. They may have been short in stature, but they were giants at heart.

Now my question to you is: Who is/are your favorites, and why? And in case you also have a Snow White impairment, here they are, in no particular order: