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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And Tandy, Too?

Sometimes Trent and I hear someone say something that is just so darn adorable that we have to make it part of our everyday language. Kids don't realize what a treasure trove their everyday comments provide. Case in point, you may remember the story I wrote about a little boy named Jeffrey who told his irritated mother, "Mommy, don't hurt myself!"

We were visiting some friends who have kids, and the kids were excited to share their day's exploits with us. The oldest child, a boy of about six, was telling us about what he had done just before we came over for dinner. His face was serious, and his blue eyes were wide open as he told us his story. "I was out riding bikes today. And when you're riding bikes, you have to be really careful so you don't hurt yourself. I have to wear a helmet when I ride bikes because riding bikes is dang-erous." Yes, we love this word now. "I'd better make sure I have some chocolate cake with this milk, because if you drink milk all by itself, it can be dang-erous."

I think my all-time favorite comes from my brother-in-law's grandson Patrick. I happened to be visiting my sister and her husband on Halloween evening, and his daughter brought her three sons over to Grandpa's for trick-or-treating. Liz had gotten the boys plastic treat buckets and put candy in them and topped them with small toysPatrick must have been about three or four years old, and had chosen to be a cowboy. I think this was partly because he could put on the cowboy boots by himself like a big boy. I should clarify. Patrick was dressed as a "Towboy." Like a lot of kids that age, he had problems with a few words.

Patrick's little treat bucket had stuffed toys from a television program on the top. He ambled over to it as a real towboy should. I do believe the fact that he had his boots on the wrong feet may have helped him to walk almost like John Wayne. He dropped down on his knees in front of his bucket of goodies, exclaiming over the toys, and calling them all by name. Then came the moment of surprise and joy when he realized he had  more than just toys inside his bucket, there were treats to eat, too! His hands flew to his little-boy cheeks, and he practically shouted, "And tandy, too!?" This has become a favorite expression of happiness around here. If something happens that is really fun or a pleasant surprise, "and tandy, too?" is perfect to convey the joy of the moment.

Of course sometimes someone will hear us use one of these expressions and think we are kooky. But it gives us a chance to share a lighthearted moment and a sweet little story with them. Some of them even start using these sayings themselves, which makes us realize that sharing a little bit of humor can be a wonderful gift. If something is just deliciously funny to you, your friends will probably enjoy it as well. Especially if you give them some tandy, too!