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Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Not All Bad

Some things are just beyond figuring out. I'm talking about some of those silly things that happen and make you literally just shake your head in disgust or disbelief or dumbfounded-ness. In fact, I have experienced three of those moments so far while writing this blog post. I begin typing and decide I really don't like the words I used, so I hit the backspace key a few times. This creates a runaway erasure mode that removes everything I have typed so far. Oh, well, I am just beginning to write anyway, no big deal. So I start again, and see something on the screen that looks like this: Ryovlihf dsipgjna grgdfnsot. Huh? Okay, start over. Oh, fun. The font changed in the middle of a sentence. Like I mentioned already, this is perfect timing because I wanted to talk about those kinds of moments anyway. Is it just me, or does this one also happen to you?

Last night we knew we needed to get up really early to have some follow-up appointments related to Trent's recent kidney transplant. The end of this morning of visits was going to be pretty uncomfortable for Trent, so our dear friend Marie was kind enough to drive us there. But have you ever noticed that when you will need to get up early enough to wake up the sun the next morning, it is simply impossible to unwind and get to sleep? And then, finally, blissfully you slip into slumber. You'll get at least four hours in before the alarm clock goes off. That will be enough to get you through. Ahh...Boom, boom, BOOM! That is the sound your bladder makes as it knocks on the door of your brain and says, "Hey...I have to go REAL BAD!" You turn over, look at the clock, and realize the alarm is going off in ten minutes. Yes, this happened to me this morning. My bladder was being a bully. So, I got up and got dressed, putting on my Grumpy t-shirt just in case. I am proud to say that I didn't spend the day in a state of crankiness. In fact, I was in a pretty good mood. Especially after I had a nice afternoon nap!

All in all, it was a really good day. Trent's kidney functions are in the better-than-normal category. His healing has progressed nicely, so he has now been given the thumbs-up to get in the swimming pool. Naturally, it was a little too cool for him to want to go swimming today, so he celebrated by taking a warm swim in the bathtub. He's a happy camper now. There is some chicken roasting in the oven, and the lovely garlicky aroma coming out of the kitchen is a very happy kind of smell. Paris keeps disappearing into the kitchen to sniff the air in front of the oven, hoping that some of the chicken will end up in her food dish. Maybe that is why I am writing earlier this evening. It distracts me while while I am waiting to eat. It may have been a rough start, but it's not all bad!